The Mysterious Case of the Blurred Image…..

Recently my friend and I were talking about things we had been enjoying with our crafting. It followed the usual lines of techniques we had tried or were wanting to try and was a great way to catch up.

None of this was unusual or out of the ordinary until she started to tell me about what we will now refer to as the “The Mysterious Case of the Blurred Image…..”.

My friend shared with me a tale of crafting woe. She had a client who was having difficulty getting a clear stamped image. They couldn’t work out what could possibly be the problem. So they got together to try and solve this mystery.

All the possible combinations were tried. Stamp and ink, block and ink, stamp and blocks.

While the quality of the stamps and ink can certainly play a part in getting a clear stamp image, in this instance it was not the case. At Close to my Heart we want to show you how to use your stamps to get clear images. It certainly doesn’t do anyone any good having things that you can’t use or don’t know the correct way to use them. So my friend was sure that her client was using the stamps correctly. Her ink pads were well inked.

It turns out the problem was the Acylic blocks that were being used. The blocks that had been used were from another company. Yes they were made from acrylic but they were not as solid as the ones from Close to my Heart. It goes to show that not all blocks are created equal. Quality of products can play a big part in your crafting.

If you are have any questions please speak to your consultant. We are there to help where we can. If you want to check out our blocks you can find them on my website. I am more than happy to demonstrate our products.


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