National Scrapbooking Month

May is National Scrapbooking Month! Where we get to celebrate all things Scrapbooking! Ok not really but it’s a great time to look at why we love Scrapbooking.

Some people use Scrapbooking as a creative outlet to display their pictures, or as a chance to relax and unplug from an increasingly electronic world. But Scrapbooking is your chance to share your story. I mean as Stacy Julian has said “Who is more qualified to tell your story than you?”

To help celebrate National Scrapbooking Month, Close to my Heart has released a range of products. These exclusive products are only available for May 2018 (while stocks last).

Postcard Perfect is available in our Cut Above kits where everything is cut for you and you just have to put it all together.

Or with everything you need to create your own pages including a stamp set.

You can order everything at my website or I’m happy to help you order



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