What sort of scrapbooker are you?

Recently a friend posted a question on Facebook that got me thinking.

What type of Scrapbooker are you?

You would think that would an easy question to answer right? Not really for me. It really depends on what has been happening around the house or even what mood I am in. There is no one answer for that question.

If I had to describe it over all I would say that I am a disorganized and easily distracted scrapbooker. I like to make pages as the mood takes me and other times I love to make pages to a set recipe. And I never ever do pages chronologically.

Sometimes I make pages to go with photos… other times I make pages and then find photos to go with it.

I have a small corner set up in the spare room with my craft things. It shares its work space with my Scrapping, stamping and sewing accessories. As you can see I am using an old desk that still shows the world map when Russia was the USSR.

My Little Crafting Corner in cleaner times 🙂

I wish I could say that I was messy because of my small work space but meh…. truth be told, even if I had the worlds biggest table I would still have stuff spread from one end of the table to the other.


SO…. what type of scrapbooker are you???

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